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CDK has taken 100% responsibility for NEC & Renesas-brand RF semiconductor products' Assembly and Testing since 1973. We have set 2015 to be 2nd time of founding, have established RF-based group identity and have released our own brand RF semiconductor products.

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This tiny semiconductor on the finger tip is installed in the signal receiving part of wireless communications. So-called Hollow package of CDK's production technology is applied in here.

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News & Topics

Affiliated to Freesia Group NEW
UV-C LED Design Support
UV-C LED Datasheet
Low Noise Amplifier GaAsIC for GNSS/SDARS Datasheet
Renewal Original Products and Add new devices  
Revise: Low Noise GaAs FET for LNB / Doppler sensor at 24GHz , RF Switch 
New: Low Noise Amplifier GaAs IC for GNSS/SDARS , UV-C LED
Report for REACH
RF switch Datasheet
Report for REACH
CDK relocates Tokyo Design Center (TDC)


CDK Environmental Policy

Reliability and Quality Certification

As a role of communication technology essential to people's affluent lives, CDK will continue to lead RF semiconductor development by providing technologies and services through human resource cultivation.

We will keep on rising “QCDIS”<Quality, Cost, Delivery, Information, Service> without limit to satisfy customers' needs in developing and manufacturing. At the same time, we propose a vision for the future through active participation in community involvement and environmental activities.

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