Environment Policy

CDK believes that environment Policy is an important commitment to the environment as a corporate principle. Protection of the natural environment such as saving resource, energy saving, we proactively promote activities in community and workplace environment.

Environment Principle

We “pursue the creation and protection of the environment, and contribute to environment for nature-loving and rich humanity“.

Environment Policy

CDK strives to work on environment management activities spontaneously on the basis of environmental philosophy. Resources protection and environmental pollution prevention are promoted in all the resources and waste in business activities.


  1. 1) Minimum of environmental impact in our business development.
  3. 2) Dedications to improving the management system continuously, and enhance of employees' awareness.
  5. 3) Compliance with laws , regulations and interested parties requirements, and setup of self-management standard to improve the level.

Report for RoHS/ REACH/ Mineral Conflict-free

CDK have controlled of the chemical content which are raw materials, packing materials and processes, in order to provide the products which are slight to environmental burden to our valued customers.
CDK have been observance of RoHS directive, REACH regulation. And we are working on eliminating conflict-related minerals.

  1.  ■RoHS (Access to the Products Information)

  2.  ■REACH

  3.  ■Mineral Conflict-free
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