About CDK

CDK, from 1973, has been developing business involved in semiconductor product consistently. Pursuing compound semiconductor steadily with production mainly on RF semiconductor products' design, OSAT and Reliability testing.We are well known for our long history to achieve the high quality and reliability.

As a role of communication technology essential to people's affluent lives, CDK will continue to lead RF semiconductor development by providing technologies and services through human resource cultivation.

Corporate Principle

CDK contributes to society development through electronics business by providing superior technologies and new values continuously.

Corporate Code of Behavior

On the basis of "customer-oriented", "technology-oriented", "respect for human beings", CDK aims for business continuity development and strives to plentiful humanity in contributing to community and international society.
Compliance with relevant laws and regulations and corporate ethics (compliance responsibility), we develop our business and enhance corporate value as well as provide high quality products safely and securely in consideration to the environment, create jobs , and fulfill its social responsibility as a good corporate citizen.

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