Assembly Technology

CDK ‘s own manufacturing know-how and rich experience on RF device packaging enables a production that to meet the needs of customers.
Additionally, it conforms to environmental regulation. (RoHS, lead-free etc.)

Wafer Processing Technology

・Process both Si (blade dicing) and GaAs Wafer(scribe and breaking) with high yield ratio.
・Visual inspection automatically.

  • Wafer Size
  • MAX: 8inchφ
  • Wafer Material
  • Si/GaAs
Automated GaAs Wafer scriber
Automatic Visual Inspection
Automatic Visual Inspection

Die Attach Technology

・The die attach process uses AuSi , pastes or solders.
・Thin and small die attached with high accuracy.

Die Size
Ag paste / AuSn solder / PbSn solder
GaAs die attach process

Wire Bonding Technology

・Using NTC bonding process.
・Small diameter wire (Au, Ag, Cu) using.

Wire Au Pb-Cu
Diameter 18um to 38um 20um
Accuracy x:±2.5um/y:2.5um
Wire Bonder
Wire Bonder

Hollow Packaging Technology

・Full-mold, dual mold and hollow package.
・Supply with maximum RF characteristic and low-cost production.
Cross-section View
Cross-section View


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