Testing Technology

From evaluating performance for device development, until final testing after assembling, CDK offers a full range of RF test technology to meet our customers' needs.

Testing Technology for RF

・Low-noise HEMT, High power FET for base station, Wireless LAN switch IC have tested.
・Have a rich experience and record about high throughput and high quality test.

Shield Room
Shield Room
20GHz Bands Testing System・S-Parameter Tester/Handler・Exclusive RF Test Fixture
20GHz Bands Testing System
 S-Parameter Tester/Handler
 Exclusive RF Test Fixture

Testing Record

・ Test system covered device for smartphone, GPS, DBS/CS etc.
・ Designing in-house tester, test fixture and Probe Card for optimized testing.

Testing Record

In-house Tester

・ Tester Lineup
 HP84000 (Agilent)
  TS-1000/6900/6900S (Yokokawa)
  VX-4000 (Teknologue)
  SM-2106B (Kokuyo)

・ In-house production
  Testing unit
  (RF Switching Box, Signal branching filter, etc.)
  Automatic test control system
  Reducing test time by coincidence measurement
ID-250 RF Tester
ID-250 RF Tester
RF Switching Box
RF Switching Box

Designing Probe Card/ Test Fixture

・Designing high quality test fixture by electrical simulation in-house.
・Track records are 150um pitch RF probe card for WLCSP, RF Test Fixture for 20GHz Bands, etc.
RF Probe Card for WLCSP
RF Probe Card for WLCSP
RF Test Fixture for	20GHz Bands
RF Test Fixture for 20GHz Bands
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